Melokai by Rosalyn Kelly


By: Rosalyn Kelly

Synopsis:  She thinks it’s the end, but it’s just the beginning.  “Trouble will come from the east. A wolf will claim the throne.” Legendary warrior Ramya has successfully reigned over Peqkya as Melokai for twelve years. Prosperous, peaceful, and happy, her people love her… or so she thinks. But Ramya’s time is up. Bracing herself for the gruesome sentence imposed on all Melokais who have served their purpose, she hears instead a shocking prophecy. Is the sudden appearance of a mysterious cave creature from the east the trouble the prophecy speaks of? Or is the threat something darker, more evil? And what of the wolves… does the ferocious war with their kind mark the end for Peqkya? Before Ramya can answer, she and her fearless warriors must first crush a catastrophic rebellion that threatens to destroy her and devastate her beloved nation.

Format: Melokai is the first book in the Heart of the Mountains series. I was fortunate enough to receive an advanced copy to review get yours on October 10th, 2017!!

My Thoughts:  This was a book that kept me awake at night. I couldn’t focus on other tasks as I became obsessed with the characters and plots. The races in this book are a fresh take based on normal fantasy novels. Yet the characters are still “human” and their emotional intensity and how real, and raw, their emotions are is what connected me to this book so well.

This book takes on multiple points of view, which just make your need to know what happens that much stronger. As the first book in a series, this was a fantastic launching point that will keep readers wanting more and more.

The world this story belongs too has amazing geographic variances that become reflected in the culture and strengths of the people that live within. This gives the reader the impression that they can read other character’s intentions as they feel so real and allow the reader to create preconceived notions based upon a character’s culture.

The magic of this world remains mysterious, which is amazing considered the power of magic that is revealed in the book. Magic is not used as a crutch for the plot in anyway, which allows the characters to better develop and the reader to fall into this world even further.

My favourite part of this book was the emotional intensity of the characters. The story touches major issues that our world still faces, and the characters emotions reflect the emotional intensity of a real person such that these characters become truly real. On top of that, each of the characters that you follow through the changing point of view can commit acts you may not like or find tolerable. This allows you to form opinions on these characters that further pulls you in and connects you with these books.  Different readers will have different opinions on the characters, the way different people connect with others based upon their experiences.

In my opinion multiple points of view in a story is dangerous territory. Done well, it is a fantastic tool to create suspense and engage the reader in the story. Done poorly, and the story feels slow and plodding. The author of Melokai could consider teaching others about this literary technique. Her mastery of it was clearly shown throughout this novel as the pace only ever seemed to increase, and the point of view changed to perfectly reflect the changes in the plot.
I would highly recommend this book, it is a great new fantasy to get into and has fantastic character development and a rich, dark world to fall in love with. Beware, reading this book may lead to you contacting the author hoping to learn more of the next book in the series!! Let me know your feelings once you have the opportunity to read it!!