Hiatus Complete

Well…It has been a while. I have not forgotten of the intent of this blog, nor even this blog. Things have seem to just exploded for the last while, and are only now returning to a level of calm where I can return to my interests! I will shortly have another review completed, but to give you an idea of where I have been… I told you all that the intent of this blog was to challenge everyone to write something. November is a big month for that, and I have been busy.

From all of the ideas I have written down, to all the ideas still waiting their turn (in nothing resembling an orderly line), it sometimes feels like my head might burst. With all of this stuff going on however I have realized one thing. Titles suck. More specifically, thinking of a title for something is hard work. Now don’t get me wrong, a title is very important. I am just saying if it is a skill from birth, I missed that memo.

I have a slight problem with working on something that does not have a title. Everywhere you look says “DO NOT CREATE A TITLE FIRST” – Whole Internet. I just find I cannot think without a title for something, and it can’t just be Generic Working Title Idea #1. I have to have an amazing title on a blank document or that document is destined for blankness.

So that being said, I am back and ready to read/write! If you have ideas or suggestions let me know below, if not I will continue to quietly work on The End of Our Times – A Hopefully Interesting Story in my Mind. I know it is long, it is a WORKING title. Haven’t you people followed the Internet’s advice?


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